During these new times, we have had to change the way your device is booked in for repair. We are following government guidelines for social distancing and for health and safety.

Please do bear with us if it takes a bit longer than usual to get you booked in this is for your safety as well as ours.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best wishes

Mpc Repairs


Please choose your day / time to drop off your device ( you must have a booking slot prior ). We can only have 1 person inside our premises when booking in.

Upon arrival, there will be a sanitized box for your device place the device in this and knock on our door then stand back 2 metres.

When safe to do so we will open the door, and in front of you wipe down the door handles with sanitizer wipes and take the sanitized box in to our premises.

You will then be instructed when to enter our premises.

Hand sanitizer and masks will be available at the entrance to our property if you wish to use.

Once inside the property please stand by our notice to wait this is exactly 2 metres, we will put on gloves, wipe down our workbench and your device in front of you with sanitized wipes.

Your device will then be booked in, and again transferred to another sanitized box this will be your devices box until collection.

We will only use one pair of gloves per device to reduce any contamination and we will always wear a face mask. All devices are to be dropped off & collected from our premises.